Get a boost from our Startup Plan

15 August 2019 by Appknobs

One app, unlimited feature flags, £6/month

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Free plan is here

27 April 2019 by Appknobs

The Appknobs feature flags service is now available in a free-forever plan.

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Adding release toggles to an Angular app

17 April 2019 by Appknobs

From zero to feature flags in a couple of minutes: a detailed walkthrough implementing feature toggles in your Angular app using Appknobs for trunk based development.

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Implementing release toggles with React & CLI

14 April 2019 by Appknobs

A walkthrough implementing feature toggles in your React app using Appknobs for trunk based development. Quick results, good DX and a dash of CLI.

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Feature flag service - It's bigger on the inside

02 April 2019 by Appknobs

Build or buy? Implementing feature management from scratch might be tempting. Explore Appknobs' components to understand the challenges and why using a SAAS might be more productive.

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Getting to know the Appknobs console

26 March 2019 by Appknobs

This time we take a look at how to set up your project using the Appknobs console. This web application allows you to create new users, register your applications, set features and define the conditions when these features will be visible in your app.

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Feature flag implementation examples in JavaScript

18 March 2019 by Appknobs

Exploring four front-end implementation examples to get familiar with the Appknobs libraries and understand how to implement feature flags in multiple environments easily.

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Solving Feature Flags on the Front End

11 March 2019 by Appknobs

We look at the benefits and implementation details of moving feature toggles to the React UI while taking advantage of the feature flag service

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