Front-end friendly feature toggles

Solve feature management in your web and mobile apps in 15 minutes

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Code-first declarative feature toggles

Ergonomic React and Angular library, Vue support coming soon

@appknobs/react @appknobs/angular

Web Console included

Modify targeting & feature visibility without code changes

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Dedicated CLI tool

Automated app registration & feature flag discovery


  • Roll out your first feature flag in 15 minutes
  • Flexible user targeting
  • Blazing fast configuration delivery
  • No custom solution to build
  • Zero maintenance
  • Simple setup, great developer experience
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First class UI & app support

Our open source libraries got you covered:


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Add toggles, get productivity

Control the visibility of application features without redeployment. Open new sections to test groups in production and gather feedback faster. Toggle or roll back features without code changes. Solve feature flags on the front-end.

It's all solved for you

Bespoke solutions need to deal with toggles in code, solve user targeting, enable easy feature management and fast delivery of configuration to application instances. Use Appknobs to boost your productivity right now.

Why Appknobs?

Appknobs solve feature flagging ergonomically, so you deliver more value to your users. We provide open source client libraries, admin UI, fast config delivery and CLI tools.
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